What a lovely way to start 2019.

Receiving recognition for ones directorial practice and all you are striving to achieve, especially as I strive to look at diversifying the genre of musical theatre, is delightful.

To Raffie, Lauren, Michael and Anthony who were absolute pros, thank you and thank you for trusting such a new and crazy process and methodology.

This production enabled me to test and develop a new practice and develop a new hybrid of language for musical theatre and to be able to do this in Wales was a dream.

Thank you Arts Council of Wales for your continued support of my practice.

A massive thank you to Sami Thorpe also. Couldn’t have done this show without you. Thank you for understanding my belief that content dictates form. 🙌🙌🙌

Subsidised theatre is the life blood of theatre. It allows artists to take risks. It allows artists to evolve and this evolution is what we then see, eventually, on our commercial stages.

Please support grass roots mid scale touring all.

Here’s to a fabulous 2019.

Full list of categories and some awesome people and companies via the link below.

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