Am so pleased to have been asked to write and direct this piece inspired by the short stories and poetry of Dylan Thomas.
The brief was to engage young people between the ages of 11 and 14 with the words of Dylan Thomas.
Finding the right characters was my first task, and as soon as I read Little Cough and his extraordinary adventures, I knew I had a joyful task in front of me. Am delighted with the outcome and hope everyone will enjoy. There are 4 short stories and 4 poems which weave in and out of each other on show to create this new piece of theatre for young people.

George, Dan and Sidney are unlikely friends. Drawn together despite of their differences, they set out on an extraordinary adventure of discovery about the World and themselves. This is a story of acceptance. An acceptance of each others differences, secrets and a realisation that nothing stays the same forever.
Using the words of Dylan Thomas as inspiration, this 50 minute production explores adolescence and friendship as the 3 friends weave seamlessly from one story to another. Visually enticing, its energy and physicality will enthral those who have never heard Dylan’s words spoken aloud before, and will inspire those familiar with his works to see his stories in a brand new light.

Arad Goch