I wanted to create a piece of theatre which used language as an expression of art.

Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form.

Expression– The act of expressing, combating, representing in words, art, music, or movement. The outward manifestation of a mood or disposition.

I wanted to create a piece of theatre which weaved in and out of communication traps.

We, as a team did it.

We, as a team loved it.

We hope, more than anything, others will see that working with different Cultures isn’t about access, it’s about giving a living language more and more currency to allow it to flourish and hit all those visceral spots we don’t quite understand.

Images by Kirsten McTernan

Review 1 – “Leeway Productions have laid down a barometer for what can be achieved on stage”

Review 2 – “Director Angharad Lee has created for her version a dimension of complexity’

Review 3 – “A soulful, emotion-filled, unique experience made right here in Wales”

Review 4 – “…the use of BSL does not merely accompany the narrative- it amplifies it”

Review 5 – “visually and musically compelling”

Review 6 – ***** “Stunning”

Review 7 – “This production was very accessible for people like me; CI users with musical knowledge and BSL second language – and there are more of us than you might think, so we are worth marketing to.

Wales Arts Review- Top 10 productions of 2018

Disability Arts Online

Thank you sincerely to the hundreds of people who were with us all the way and were understanding of what we were looking to achieve.

So much has been learnt and so much to build on.