“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou



Thanks to the financial support from National Theatre of Wales, enabling me to be a part of the Freelance Task Force, I was able to pen a project with my colleague Becky Davies specifically for actors during lockdown 2020.

This project concentrated on wellbeing and a moment in time to empower oneself as a performer and a human trying to steer one’s way through the trickiest of times.



This particular project is now far reaching to other wonderful humans I have come across over recent months.






We have worked with the wonderful people at RCT Creative Writers group and people who have been bereaved during lockdown. Each relationship shapes the energy and outcome of the task in hand and is a movement I’d like to continue into the future, collecting observations and moments of gratitude for us all.

The collection of gratitude visits will be collected and uploaded onto the Leeway Productions website and facebook page in the months to come.







Personal Manifesto by Sian Owens